Blackwater Woodworks

Custom furniture and design


A small furniture studio in the hills of northern Maryland.   Specializing in custom chairs and tables using local cherry and walnut hardwoods.   These pieces can be ordered online or you can see the work at select craft shows and exhibitions.


Bentley Springs--Maryland       

(410)  847-4267  

Niche award 2014

Tablet Stands

Three designs.  Custom built in black walnut and cherry or oak. Sized to fit your new ipad.  The Cooks Tablet Stand will bend and tilt, in landscape or portrait mode.   Useful while cooking to follow a recipe.    Finalist for the 2014 Niche Magazine Design Award.     The Desk Pro Stand is simple and elegant.  Handy for facetime chats, useful for sketching with your pencil.  The iPad Holder is a small curved block of wood that just fits ipad or phone.