Blackwater Woodworks

Custom furniture and design


A small furniture studio in the hills of northern Maryland.   Specializing in custom chairs and tables using local cherry and walnut hardwoods.   These pieces can be ordered online or you can see the work at select craft shows and exhibitions.


Bentley Springs--Maryland       

(410)  847-4267  

Tucked Arm Swivel. narrow crest black walnut with maple spindles

Tucked Arm Swivel


   45"h x 25"w x 21"deep.  Extremely comfortable solid wood swivel chair in cherry or black walnut. Ergonomic fit with gently curved back spindles.   With narrow or wide curved crest.    As shown, narrow crest swivel in black walnut with tiger maple spindles.   $3150.

These desk chairs are extremely comfortable and useful, fitting equally well in a home or work office. The curved spindles provide excellent lumbar support. Good for lawyers, writers, and all those of you who work at desks. The "Tucked Arm" Swivel may be my favorite. The arms are low and set back from the front of the seat, so the chair can be scooted close to a desk.

The castors are heavy duty 60mm die cast with either a nylon wheel (for carpet) or polyurethane wheel (for hard floors). 

The chair can be fitted with either a mechanical post or gas assisted lift. A forward tilting mechanism is available for those who like to tilt forward while working at a computer.



Tapered arm swivel in cherry

Tapered arm swivel in cherry

Tapered Arm Swivel

45"h x 25"w x 21"deep.    Solid wood swivel chair also in cherry or black walnut.  Handmade, comfortable.     As shown, cherry wood with tiger maple spindles.   $3150.

Tapered Arm- detail

Tapered Arm- detail