Blackwater Woodworks

Custom furniture and design


A small furniture studio in the hills of northern Maryland.   Specializing in custom chairs and tables using local cherry and walnut hardwoods.   These pieces can be ordered online or you can see the work at select craft shows and exhibitions.


Bentley Springs--Maryland       

(410)  847-4267  

The Wave Bench

17"h x 52"w x16"    Cherry with single curve.  Finalist for the 2013 Niche Design award.  Price as shown $2550.

nich3 2013.jpg

The Wave bench is a composition in curves and angles.  The base this single curved bench  is a slab of cherry wood ripped in two then rejoined with cleats separated by a strip of black walnut set between the two boards.  The rail underneath the seat is curved at a reverse angle to the seat.  

The seat of the Wave Bench is 8/4 wood (2 inch thick) cut in the middle at an angle and rejoined.   A series of internal tenons and cherry wood splines join the two pieces  It is then bandsawed and shaped to its distinctive wave curve.   The ends are capped with angled  breadboards.   Finalist for 2013 Niche Design Award.